Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Jewish Inversion of Noble Morality

"No wonder that it is recorded: ‘Not many wise after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble are called; but God chose the foolish things of the world, and God chose the weak things of the world, and the things that are despised.’ Nothing else would have anything to do with him. Christ was indeed, the prophet of the credulous rabble during three years of active agitation, and it abandoned him in his hour of need (what always happens under similar circumstances) for the rabble is ever cowardly, ungenerous, suspicious, unfathomably base. It has never yet had a leader of commanding ability (either in peace or in war) that it did not ultimately desert or betray, i.e. if he did not take the precaution to make himself its master.

After permitting Christ to be butchered, the mob thereupon set him up as their Divinity, and erected altars to his renown. Slaves, women, madmen, lepers, magdalenes, were the earliest Christians, and to this hour, women, children, slaves and lunatics are the raw material of the Christian Church.
Primitive Christianity cunningly appealed to the imagination of a world of superstitious slaves (eager for some mode of escape that meant not the giving and receiving of battle- strokes.) It organized them for the overthrow of Heroic Principles; and substituted, for a genuine nobility based on battle-selection, a crafty theocracy founded upon priest-craft, hell-craft, alms-giving, politicalisms, and all that is impure and subterranean. It is a doctrine at once disgraceful in its antecedents, its teachers, and in itself. Truly has it been called ‘the fatal dower of Constantine,’ for it has suffocated, or is suffocating the seeds of Heroism." Might Is Right — Ragnar RedBeard

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


"Courage, I say! Courage, not goodness, is the great desideratum — courage that requires neither tin horns, nor calcium lights, nor brass bands, nor shouting multitudes to call it into effective action.
But courage that goes its way ALONE, as undauntedly as when it marches to ‘victory or death’ amid the menacing stride of armed and bannered legions. 

Courage, that delights in danger — Courage, that knows not despair! Courage that proudly, defiantly smiles on death!
Courage, that regards with equal loathing the multitude’s mad howls of hate, its stupid hee-haws and its stridulating ‘tremendous applause.’
Courage, that asks no quarter, even with the knife at its throat — courage that is stiff- necked, unyielding, sullen, pitiless!
Courage, that never falters — never retreats!
Courage, that looks down with supreme disdain upon all slave regulations, upon all rights and wrongs, upon all good and evil!
Courage, that has made up its mind to conquer or — perish! .
That is the kind of courage this world lacks. That is the kind of courage that aids by active co-operation the survival of the Fittest — the survival of the Best.
That is the kind of courage that has never turned a master’s mill. That is the kind of courage that never will turn it.
That is the kind of courage that will die, rather than turn it." — Might Is Right — Ragnar RedBeard

Friday, April 8, 2016

"Equality Before The Law" is pure sophistry!

"Equality before the Law is all we mean whimpers the everlasting sophist — the cunning liar! Let us see! By what rational method can any two litigants be placed in a position of unconditional ‘Equality before the Law?’ First of all, plaintiff and defendant always possess totally different physical and mental characteristics, different personal magnetisms and different sized bank balances. Also all judges, juries, and legal officials are unequals in temperament, ability, courage and honesty. Each one has his own peculiar idiosyncrasies, prejudices, inferiorities, superstitions, and — price. Each again, may be more or less dishonest and more or less subject to financial pressure or caste bias. 

No two men are born alike: each one being literally born under his own particular star, formed of different material, swayed by different ideals, educated and moulded in a different mill, by a different process.

Even if all tribunals of Justice were founded upon blind Impartiality, and administered free of cost, it will be plainly seen, that ‘Equality before the Law’ remains a mere chimera, a dream; and of no real value. ‘Equality before the Law,’ is just a meaningless catchword, something like that famous Jesuitism — ‘Liberty regulated by Law.’ — Might Is Right — Ragnar RedBeard




Sunday, April 3, 2016


"Socialism, Christianism, Democratism, Equalityism, are really the whining yelpings of base-bred mongrel-multitudes. They howl aloud for State intervention — “protection for suffering humanity” — regulated mill-grinding as it were; with the State to be their Supreme Idol, their God and Master, their All in All, their Great Panjandrum. Poor deluded base spirited “weeds.” Truly the “Curse of God” is in the very marrow of their bones — in every pump-stroke of their dying hearts." — Might Is Right — Ragnar RedBeard

SJW's are so grotesque. Watch them appease their deluded ego's by taking "selfies" and their "bad conscience" through reciting meaningless, inconsistent, sappy, half baked slogans. Half of them don't even know what Trump really stands for nor do they care.
They just parrot the disinformation mantras their liberal priests (Liberal professors & media) rammed into their rube like, uncritical faculties like good little robotic slaves.

 "LOVE NOT HATE!" they cry! But you cannot have love without hate. They are two sides of the same coin. And if you do not hate, you cannot love.
I love my children therefore I HATE those who would do them harm!
They obviously do hate and are thus hypocrites! They hate Trump and his message while screaming "Love not hate" like mindless zombies. YES! That's right! Zombies animated only by leftist empty headed buffoonery!

You cannot truly love America while not wanting it to be protected, as America is a country, and a country is not a country if it has no borders. Just like a house is not a home without its walls and doors. I'm willing to bet each one of these liberal shit stains locks their doors every night, and discriminates who can and cannot enter their abode.

This is what Trump wants to do... Lock Americas doors so that she is safe from intruders and use common sense in deciding who gets to come in. And remove the squatters who snuck in through the back door when no one was looking... That's right! ....every last Juan!

Personally, I think he doesn't go quite far enough. If you want the ants to stop invading your house you must also clean that dirty kitchen counter (welfare and other "gives me dats" programs). A wall is not enough, you must remove the chesee that entices the mice. That's right! I refer to all of these sneak thieves as VERMIN! And when there's vermin in your house who do you call??? NO not the Candy Stripers!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Logic of To-day

"Might was Right when Caesar bled upon the stones of Rome,
Might was Right when Joshua led
his hordes o’er Jordan’s foam,

And Might was Right when German troops poured down through Paris gay;
It’s the Gospel of the Ancient World and the Logic of To-day.
Behind all Kings and Presidents — 
all government and law,
Are army-corps and cannoneers — 
to hold the world in awe.

And sword-strong races own the earth and ride the Conqueror’s Car —
And LIBERTY has ne’er been won except by deeds of war.
What are the lords of horded gold — 
the silent SEMITE rings?
What are the plunder patriots —
high pontiffs, priests and kings?

What are they but bold master-minds, 
best fitted for the fray
Who comprehend and vanquish by — 
the Logic of To-day.

Cain’s knotted club is scepter still — 
the “Rights of Man” is fraud.
Christ’s Ethics are for creeping things 
— true manhood smiles at “God”.
For Might is Right when empires sink in storms of steel and flame;
And it is RIGHT when weakling breeds 
— are hunted down like game.
Then what’s the use of dreaming dreams, that each shall “get his own”
By forceless votes of meek-eyed thralls, who blindly sweat and moan?
No! A curse is on their cankered brains — 

their very bones decay:

Go! Trace your fate in the Iron Game, is the Logic of To-day.
The strong must ever rule the weak, is grim Primordial Law —
On earth’s broad racial threshing floor, the meek are beaten straw —
Then ride to power o’er foemen’s necks let NOTHING bar your way:
If you are FIT you’ll Rule and Reign, is the Logic of To-day.
You must prove your Right by deeds of Might of splendor and renown.
If need-be march through flames of hell, to dash opponents down.
If need-be die on scaffolds high — in the morning’s misty gray.
For “Liberty or Death” is still the Logic of To-day.
Might was Right when Gideon led the “chosen” tribes of old,
And it was right when Titus burnt, their temple roofed with gold:
And Might was Right from Bunker’s Hill, to far Manila Bay,
By land and flood it’s wrote in blood 
— the Gospel of To-day.

“Put not your trust in princes” is a saying old and true,
“Put not your hope in governments” translateth it anew.
All “Books of Law” and “Golden Rules” are fashioned to betray:
“The Survival of the Strongest” is the Gospel of To-day.
Might was Right when Carthage flames lit up the Punic foam —
And — when the naked steel of Gaul weighed down the spoil of Rome;
And Might was Right when Richmond fell — and at Thermopayle —

It’s the logic of the Ancient World — and the Gospel of To-day.
Where pendant suns in millions swing, around this whirling earth,
It’s Might, it’s Force that holds the brakes, and steers through life and death:
Force governs all organic life, inspires all Right and Wrong.
It’s natures plan to weed-out man and TEST who are the strong." 
— Might Is Right — Ragnar RedBeard

The "all ye are brethren." myth.

All ye are brethren.’
Are all men really brethren? — Negro and Indian, Blackfellow, Kalmuck, and Coolie — the well-born, and the base-bred,2 — beer-soaked loafer, and hero-hearted patriot — belted chieftain and ignoble mechanic-slave, — pot of iron and pot of clay?
What proof is there that the brotherhood-of-man hypothesis is in accordance with nature? On what trustworthy biologic, historic or other evidence does it rest? If it is natural, then rivalry, competition, and strife are unnatural. (And it is proposed to prove in this book, that strife, competition, rivalry, and the wholesale destruction of feeble types of men, is not only natural, but highly necessary.) Has ‘brotherhood’ ever been tried upon earth? Where, when and with what final result?" —Might Is Right — Ragnar RedBeard
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